Saturday, June 28, 2008

Introduction: my search to a better me

Hey readers,

These columns are about things a 23 years old girl struggles with through her life. It's about discovering new things about life and yourself as you grow. Things that you never thought about it before or that you just start seeing in a different light. It's about my road to finding ME or hopefully an improved me.

Older people say that your twenties are about finding yourself and mistakes have to be made in order to get closer to the one correct way. I wonder whether in my fourties I can say that the road and the pace I have decided to take has led me to where I want to go or was destined to go. Till this day I dream that I will, although I have to confess it is not always easy.........

I am an aspiring writer who finds writing soothing. I hope you enjoy my columns. Please be free to leave a comment or any recommendations. Please pass the word about my columins to someone you think that will find my writing interesting.

A striver,

.........striving to have the confidence to be the dream Me.

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