Saturday, June 21, 2008


When I was a kid and an early teenager I hated those kids that simply couldn’t or didn’t want to be nice. You know those people that have to give you that impatience face or some comments about your lack of skills or about your not-so-nice outfit? I’m sure everybody remembers at least one of those persons, even when it was you the one doing it to other people.
I always considered myself different from those people. I thought of myself as a nice person that would stand up for the ‘unfortunates’. Maybe it has to do with me being one of those unfortunates, but I would like to think that even if I were one of the ‘lucky’ gals I would still be a nice person.
It seemed so easy back then. I would still like to think of myself a ‘good’ person, whatever that actually means, but man it is hard to be tolerant and not judgmental!
Let me tell you what I found myself being the most intolerant about. As you grow up you go through so many things, and you learn how to get stronger. Well at least that was my case. I consider myself someone who always looks for ways of improving myself, as a human being, friend and professional. This is essentially for my self and because I don’t want to get comments or faces from those ‘intolerant’ people. I do understand that some people are stronger than others, but man I do not understand people that do not want to do anything to improve their lives, and the only thing they do is complain (even when it’s to themselves) and do nothing about it. Growth is not easy and it is difficult. I have cried many times but it has only made my stronger, as cliché as it may sounds. People that cannot benefit from those painful situations and make something good out of it makes me scream!! and it makes me one of those ‘intolerant’ people that I hated and didn’t want to become. It is hard for me not to judge these people.
This was only one example of what drives me nuts in people and I’m sure everybody has their own or many things that drives them nuts. I realized that the older I get the more intolerant and judgmental I become. I’m not sure whether it has to do with me or with the fact that I’m meeting more and more different kind of people and the fact that I think to know people better.
I doubt that many people will disagree with me when I say that intolerance is a bad thing. Intolerance has been the cause of many wars, problems and pain in this world. And it is an undeniable and something inevitable in every being human, in one more than the other. However let us all try to accept that differences in opinion, lifestyles and characteristics and characters exists, and that difference is OK. Let’s try to see these differences without being judgmental. I know it is hard, but I will try not to become someone I dislike.


Najee Fashion said...

GOOD Article!

A striver said...

Hey thanks najje. you are my first reader

flowersroxxx said...

hey i liked it! i read all of them :) i love how its not one of those that say omg i wish my life was perfect like those movies or whatever (it makes me wana puke) anyways you should keep going, its good!

A striver said...

Hey flowersroxxx thank you a lot!!!!!!!! i really wanted to see whether i could write! thanks a lotttt for your comment!! made my day!